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The Time Travelling Adventures of Ria McCarthy

Series Overview

In 2390 the Federation Starship USS Pioneer encountered a rip in the fabric of Space-Time. This rupture caused several parallel timelines to merge into one universe causing a collapse of time. The rip was thankfully sealed and after this, crewmember Lieutenant Ria McCarthy finally after four years of contact with the Guardians, evolved onto their plane of existance, becoming one of the fabled life forms herself.
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Now living in the Guardian Realm time had no meaning to her, she could go wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Her status as an ex-Human gave her a uniqueness among the Guardians, a time-sensitive race. They revealed to her that people from all across the universe and all across time are constantly trying to manipulate history (and even the future) for their own benifit. Ria becomes a time traveller who attempts to correct the changes as they occur.

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After she left the USS Pioneer, Ria McCarthy embarked on her own journey across time itself...